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FAQ about Menozac Natural Menopause Treatment

1. What makes Menozac All-Natural Menopause Treatment better than other products?

There are several reasons for that. First of all, we use only the finest, most bio-available nutrient forms, including six patented nutrients, to ensure adequate nutrients actually reach your bloodstream. Second of all, our herbal product for menopause meets all pharmaceutical standards. Third of all, every production batch is assayed in a laboratory to ensure its purity and potency. Our Essential Nutrients are completely natural, with no artificial additions. Actually, we test even our essential fatty acids, derived from cold water fish, to ensure they contain no mercury. Our quality control is the highest.

2. If I take Menozac, do I need to take other supplements, such as Calcium, Ferrum, Magnesium, Zinc, etc.?

Consult you doctor if you are taking other supplements. Ask him for advice concerning Menozac components and let him adjust your other supplements accordingly.

3. What are the common perimenopausal symptoms?

Vaginal dryness, hot flashes, insomnia, sudden weight gain, irregular periods, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, mood changes, headaches, joint pain, depression, fuzzy thinking, urinal discomfort and leaking, bloating, stiffness, weakened sexual desire are the most common symptoms of perimenopause.

4. What about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as menopause and early menopause treatment?

There is a great deal of risk associated with synthetic HRT. Of course, it's a matter of personal choice, but we believe, it should be the last thing you resort to. You first choice should be a natural approach to hormonal balance such as the Personal Program. In case you already undergo HRT, its getting off should be very careful and gradual. We include detailed instructions about how to deal with hormone replacement therapy in your new member package.

5. Can Menozac affect the risk of breast cancer?

Absolutely not! Menozac will by no means increase the risk of breast cancer recurrence. On the contrary, a great number of doctors and practicians recommend for every menopausal woman to take nutritional supplements to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis.

6. Will Menozac help in case of hysterectomy?

Menozac Natural Menopause Treatment will help you improve your general health and your hormonal balance, even if you've had a hysterectomy, and in case you had your ovaries removed. Our Personal Program is especially relevant to women like you given the heightened risks from long-term use of synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Take into account that we generally recommend that women under forty who have had a hysterectomy consider natural hormone replacement therapy to mimic the body's natural progression into perimenopause.

7. Will Menozac interact with my prescription drugs?

You can take Menozac without hesitations even if you are on some prescriptions. Menozac is a herbal menopause treatment with no side effects and it doesn't interact with any known drug. But anyways, you should consult you primary health care provider about drugs and supplements that you take.

8. I have premature menopause. Will Menozac help in case of early menopause symptoms?

Premature menopause is a form of hormonal imbalance just like perimenopausal symptoms. So the treatments of early menopause symptoms is not that much different. Therefore, Menozac should be effective in helping to ease your menopausesymptoms.

9. Does Menozac really have side-effects?

Menozac is a safe natural menopause treatment and it has almost no side-effects. As with most supplements, some people may experience minor side-effects such as nausea. Individuals with liver disease or a family history of liver disease should discuss taking Menozac with their primary health care provider.

10. I'm only thirty. Can my symptoms really be perimenopause?

The changes in your body that you witness and worry about may well be the result of the hormonal imbalances of perimenopause. A lot of women experience such hormonal disorders in their 30's.

11. I've been diagnosed with depression. Can it be caused by hormonal changes?

Yes, of course. Your depression can be hormonally based. It has become a common practice for physicians to prescribe antidepressants for PMS or perimenopause. If you take Menozac, you should discuss your progress using it with your health care provider. Though Menozac is not a substitute for antidepressants for depression, it definitely has a soothing effect and induces relaxation.

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