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"I feel safe with Menozac..."
My sleep was restless, as it was always interrupted at night. I had hot flashes, night sweats and all those horrible things associated with them. So I decided to give Menozac a try. Now Iím astonished at how Menozac has helped me to ease my menopause symptoms. I sleep much better now and awake feeling rested and full of energy. Whatís more, I feel safe using this product and would recommend Menozac to any woman. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.

Stacy B, Mexico

"Menozac helped me to get rid of hot flashesÖ "
I took Menozac for four months. What I can say is that Menozac has helped me physically, mentally and emotionally, and Iím very glad about that. Well, getting rid of hot flashes was my primary concern and Menozac helped me almost immediately when I started to take the product. Keeping my normal weight is important to me, as I have never had weight problems. With Menozac thereís no weight gain, cramping, and bloating. Iím very pleased with Menozac and will recommend it to all my friends.

Sandy L, USA

"With Menozac I take no prescriptionsÖ"
I had many problems connected with menopause. I had fatigue, hot flashes, anxiety, headaches, mood swings, forgetfulness, back painÖ I was on some different kinds of prescriptions and I donít think they had much effect. I thought it was quite normal, but I didnít knew that I could feel much better. My friend recommended me to try Menozac and I did. It seems that all my life has changed radically! Now I feel alive again! All of my friends have noticed a great difference in me. They say I even look younger! Moreover, I take no prescription medication now!!

Miko L, Japan

"My children do not think Iím out of my mind anymore..."
Menozac has made a huge change in my life. I was extremely anxious and irritable. Anything and everything would set me off. Also I was having terrible hot flashes and mood swings. I began to take Menozac Herbal Menopause Treatment and the world around me began to change. Everything became much more controllable and my family and I are happier now. My children donít think Iím out of my mind anymore. I am a much better person to be around and I say thanks to Menozac for that.

Gina T, Scotland

"I no longer feel exhausted or emotional"
I suffered from water-weight gain and discomfort connected with it. I was exhausted and wished I could go back to sleep by noon. More than that, I had a tendency to become more emotional. My life was some kind of a disaster and menopause symptoms were really bringing me down. What Menozac did is getting me back again! Iím no exhausted or emotional. And I don't suffer from fluctuations in my weight due to retaining water anymore. I feel like a newborn person now and this is all due to Menozac!

Lycia M, Greece

"Now thereís no need to take any prescriptions for my depression and anxiety..."
My menopause symptoms drove me mad. I had terrible mood swings and depression. I was becoming an old, grouchy lioness. I hated the world and couldn't stand myself. I took several prescription drugs for my anxiety and depression, but I was still very irritable and moody. It was Menozac that returned me to my usual and balanced life again! It a natural, herbal product but Iím amazed by its effect! My mood swings are gone far away and I no longer take any prescriptions for my depression and alienation.

Lana F, USA

"My husband and I are intimate again..."
I have tried many treatments for menopause and come to the conclusion that nothing works better than Menozac. I was depressed, tired and grouchy. I seemed to have lost the feeling of myself and couldnít recognize myself in my deeds and words that I said. Menozac helped me to feel myself again and Iím ďmeĒ again! Iím no longer depressed and grouchy my husband and I are intimate again. Iím extremely pleased with this wonderful Menozac!

Maria P, Australia

"Menozac returned peace and calm to meÖ"
My post-menopausal symptoms tortured me. I had a great deal of trouble sleeping and staying asleep. Hot flashes and sweats at night were frequent and severe. My sleep was restless and uncomfortable. I tried Menozac and it returned peace and calm to me. I sleep well and feel rested and full of energy at awakening. With Menozac my night are more pleasant and days are brighter.

Alice S, Germany

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